Does Black Hat SEO Still Work? | Ep. #213

In Episode #213, Eric and Neil discuss whether or not black hat SEO still works. Black hat SEO refers to any practice that you use to boost your website’s ranking in a way that violates the search engine’s terms of service. Tune in to find out if black hat SEO still works and the advantages and disadvantages of using this practice.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: Does Black Hat SEO Still Work? 00:35 – PBN is also considered black hat SEO 00:41 – Black hat SEO still works 00:45 – Black hat SEO isn’t really for business or marketing 01:07 – Neil used to do black hat SEO 01:27 – “It never did last” 01:37 – Black hat SEO can give you short term income, but not recommended for a client’s website 01:55 – The only good thing about black hat SEO is that it can help you be more creative and adapt its concept to white hat SEO 02:13 – It is not worth the time and energy 02:41 – The link wheel tactic of black hat SEO described 03:26 – Build your own blog network the legitimate way 03:47 – If you’re just starting, you can try black hat SEO with your own website 03:55 – Eric did it before for a game review website 04:20 – The website was earning for some time, but then it got flagged and Eric lost his money 04:36 – Watch out for your website when you’re about to get filtered by Google 05:07 – Do not use black hat SEO if you want to play the good game 05:15 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: Black hat SEO still works, but it is definitely not for business or marketing. Black hat SEO is only good for a short period of time. Do not use black hat SEO if you want to play the good game. Leave some feedback:

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