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How To Seo, Search Engine Optimization Explainedone of the prime challenges faced by small businesses is that of effective reach and visibility. Search Engine Optimization, or Seo is the science of enhancing the visibility of your website when customers search online for products and services your business can provide. Seo is the art of knowing what type of website content and what marketing tactics can make your target customer population knock on the doors of your business website instead of on your competitors.a Search Engine Optimized, or simply optimized, website works around many of the problems small businesses face in reaching out to their customers. This book is geared towards helping you and your business do exactly that. It takes you through the fundamentals of Seo and helps you judge if the optimization effort is worth it for your business. It also gives you in-depth insights into the intricacies of good Seo and pitfalls to watch out for. And like all responsible articles, it provides an unbiased view of whom to engage with on your Seo journey.happy reading!

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